Monday, January 2, 2012


In our daily lives we walk through life without being aware of ourselves or even our environment. Most of the times we are flying in our thoughts and are not aware of many things, including our body. Although many of us may be suffering from pain in our body and are reminded of it every second of our life, still we do not pay attention to each part of our body as we go through life.

Body scan is a technique that we can use for recognizing each individual part of our body from head to toe. We can focus our mind towards our eyes and remind ourselves of all the beautiful colours we can see in our environment with those eyes. We can focus our mind towards our ears and listen to the environment mindful of our ears existence. We can focus our mind on our mouth, shoulders, arms, heart, lungs, stomach, hips, legs, hands, feet and think of all positive things we can do with each of these parts or what these parts of our body do for us, without our attention and recognition everyday.

This BODY SCAN once practiced regularly will bring about a feeling of joy, happiness and gratitude about having all these that we never paid attention too before. These positive feelings of joy, happiness and gratitude will diminish the effects of pain and reduce our anxiety and depression. Try it for a few weeks and you we see the results. It will cost you nothing and will gain you many things.

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