Friday, December 16, 2011


I hear this question every day from my patients. Many would think that because their mind is running all the time and their head is full of different troubles, meditation is not for them. The fact is, meditation is for all of us. The busier our mind is, the more important is to practice meditation. It is normal to have difficulty with trying to calm a busy mind.

If an average 40 years old person is trying to concentrate and bring the mind to the present moment, it is normal to have difficulty with it at the beginning because the mind has been used to be all over the place for forty years. The sole act of trying to concentrate has some positive effects and with practice it becomes easier to concentrate.

The important point is not to be disappointed and give up as soon as the trail of thoughts start to come in when we are trying to empty our mind in meditation. Just remember that this is normal. It is perfectly normal for ideas to come into our concentrated mind. Just let them come in and go out. Do not get frustrated or angry. Don't paint your thought as good or bad. Allow yourself some time, however long it may seem, to get used to the practice of meditation.

One thing is certain: MEDITATION IS FOR YOU, MEDITATION IS FOR ALL OF US. For patients who are using meditation to improve their condition, like pain or depression, it is important to concentrate on concentration itself and not on the healing goals. If the meditating state is achieved, the healing will follow.
So let us all use meditation and benefit from its effects.

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