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Injections of local anesthetics or other appropriate medications into areas where the sensory nerves are can help to manage many chronic pain conditions. In Chronic Pain the ongoing pain signal that travels from the site of pain to spinal cord and ends up in brain causes some changes in the central nervous system. These changes make the pain to become chronic and persistent with gradual changes in their qualities. Nerve blocks or blocking the transmission of pain signals by the nerves using local anesthetic injections can help to manage this condition. Blocking the nerve would temporarily stop the pain signals sent through these pathways and help to down grade the central nervous system changes. Their effects are still under investigation and although there are not enough controlled randomized clinical trials done in this area to demonstrate their effect, their use in practice has helped thousands of patients over years of their sufferings. It is important that these injections be performed by physicians well trained in intervetional pain management and in well equipped clinics. If side effects happens, it is important that the physician be well trained to deal with any side effects and the facility be well equipped by all emergency protocols and equipments to help the patient. In many cases having the procedure done by some sort of guidance, like ultrasound or fluoroscope can increase the effect and reduce side effects. Nerve block injections, like any other modalities in pain management should be used when indicated and be used as a part of multi-disciplinary pain management.


  1. Yvette

    It’s true, the key to blocking pain lies in the nerves. I have yet to try nerve block injections, though.

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  2. Maylie J

    I just fear that when we have blocked or pinched nerve, we might not feel anything on the area again. Permanent numbness could be caused by accident or improper procedures.

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