Saturday, June 4, 2011


Painful menstruation is an early
ENDOMETRIOSIS is a painful condition. It happens when some of the covering tissue of inside uterus (Endometrium) finds its way into outside of uterus. It can happen during menstrual cycles when some of the menstrual blood containing endometrium cells passes through fallopian tubes (tubes that connect ovaries and uterus)into the pelvic area. These cells will attach to the pelvic area walls. They grow and bleed with each menstrual cycle but this blood cannot exit the body. Over time this collection of blood irritates the surrounding tissue, cause inflammation and scaring. These scars can cause problems with the function of organs in the pelvic area. The bleeding with each cycle is very painful. In fact painful menstruation is one of the early signs of ENDOMETRIOSIS. There are ways to diagnose this condition by taking a good history, doing a complete abdominal and pelvic examination and doing some tests like ultrasound, CT scan or laparoscopy. 

The pain of menstruation is induced by some inflammatory elements that respond to anti-inflammatory medications. So over the counter Advil or prescription anti-inflammatory medications may help. The best is to check with a gynecologist as soon as you feel your menstrual cycle pains are more than usual. Different hormonal treatments or even surgery may be needed to treat this condition. Any time the menstruation stops, the pain will stop as well. Examples are like temporary stop of pain in pregnancy or permanent stop of pain in menopause.

Seek your doctor's help when your menstruation pain is out of ordinary.

Dr. Kevin ROD

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