Saturday, June 11, 2011


Who is responsible for CHRONIC PAIN TREATMENT? Is it the family doctor? OR the specialist? Is it the physiotherapist or the psychologist? Will it be done by a nutritionist, a counsellor, social worker, Yoga master or spiritual header? Will it be achieved by traditional medicine or the the new advances in medications? Is the healing done by the doctor or by the self management efforts of the patient?
The reality is that the answer is all and at the same time none of the above. The main key to healing is when the patient comes out of the passive state of waiting to be healed by one or all of these. When the patient takes an active role in these efforts and becomes a member of the treatment team, then the patient earns the healing. 

Remember: If the doctor is trying harder than patients to get them better, there is something wrong. Patients are the corner stones of healing and the most important part of the CHRONIC PAIN TREATMENT TEAM. After all without patients all of the above mentioned treatments would not be of any value.

Dr. Kevin ROD - Toronto Poly Clinic

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