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If the cancer is in the form of a tumour it can grow with a certain speed, which can, at times, be very fast. This rapid growth can cause pressure over the neighbouring tissue. For example, in bone cancer or a metastasis of a tumour to bone, the growth can put pressure over the covering of bone or periosteum. This pressure can be very painful.

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Tumours can grow, and at the same time die or be destroyed, at central parts or parts with impaired blood perfusion. These parts can release chemical substances that initiate a pain response. There are other ways a tumour or a cancer condition can cause pain, but what is important is how to control or manage cancer pain.

If a tumour is causing pressure and the pressure is causing pain, radiation therapy can be used to reduce the size of tumour  and therefore the pain from the pressure. Anti-inflammatory medications, co-analgesic medications and opiates can be used for management of pain. Procedures such as different nerve blocks can be used to reduce the pain.

Many new findings support the role for meditation, hypnotherapy and mind over matter techniques.

There are Natural medicine supplements which can reduce inflammation, help reduction of circulation to tumours boost immune system and work as Anti-Oxidants. Each of these are steps in the fight to control the cancer pain. Our experience shows the best results would be from a combination of all these treatments in a Multi-Disciplinary setting. Toronto Poly Clinic is currently accepting new cancer pain patients.

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