Saturday, August 9, 2014


When we suffer from Arthritis it is important to know what is the exact diagnosis of our condition. There are some medical terms that have turned into UMBRELLA DIAGNOSIS, meaning that we try to explain everything with just one word. In most instances this would lead into using medical terms for what they don't mean, or naming medical conditions with a wrong term. Many joint pain conditions are simply called Arthritis. Arthritis has many forms and the clinical history of each type is different from others. One way of looking at arthritis can be dividing most types of it into two main groups of OSTEOARTHRITIS and INFLAMMATORY ARTHRITIS. Osteoarthritis is the result of wear and tear over time. Some people may be more susceptible to this type of arthritis than others. Inflammatory arthritis on the other hand is the result of inflammations in joints that start to damage and deform the joints over time. In most cases it is because of autoimmune diseases, meaning the body starts to attack its joints and damaging them in the process. In order to treat the inflammatory arthritis one must use medications that reduce joint inflammation, or reduce the over activity of immune system which is attacking the joints. Without these proper treatments, the process of inflammation continues and damages to joints increase to the levels of joint destruction. So it is very important to have the proper diagnosis for arthritis. Special blood tests, X-Rays and scans can help doctors to properly diagnose the inflammatory arthritis. If your joints are hurting and they continues to hurt despite the usual treatments, ask your doctor to do more investigations to rule out inflammatory arthritis.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


We all go to doctors to get better but there is an old saying that says: If doctor is trying harder than the patient, there is a problem. Doctors are trained to diagnose conditions and formulate the best course of treatment. But who does actually go through the treatment? It is the patient who has to follow the instructions, take the medications or undergo different procedures and rehabilitation to get better. But the reality is that patients spend a small portion of their times with doctors or therapists. The rest of their time they have to deal with all their issues. Even the time they spend with their doctors are well spent only if they are collaborating with the treating team. So its the patient who is at the center of healing and this cannot happen in a passive way. Patients can learn about their diseases and how to prevent them from getting worse. How to keep a proper diet, exercise, meditate and prevent chronic conditions by keeping a healthy life style. It is the patient who would benefit from getting the best treatment so it is in their best interest to become the masters of PATIENT SELF MANAGEMENT

Monday, August 4, 2014


What defines us? Our genes? Our experiences? Our character, culture or religion? Our abilities or our disabilities? or our Pain? When we think about our body, we think of My hand, My leg, My eye, etc. When it comes to our mental capacities we think of words like my culture, my ideas, my decisions, etc. When we look closer, we can see that our thought process is built based on duality of me and my. It means that we consider ME different from all MY related entities. This is a very helpful mechanism because when we have any of MY related entities, it is considered as an addition to our strength and when we lose any of these entities, we feel the separation of Me and My. I may lose MY eye but Me is still here. It is helpful to separate My problems and losses from ME. In this process, the entity of ME does not allow self to be defined by the problems and losses. Problems and losses may come and go, but ME is not defined by them. This is the reason why we should not allow our Pain to define us. DON'T LET YOUR PAIN DEFINE YOU.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


CANCER KIDS ENTERTAINMENT is a charity organization for providing entertainment to children who are hospital bound and have to fight terrible diseases at their young ages. Because these kids cant go out to play, Kim ROD has established this charitable organization to help them by taking entertainment to them. Cancer Kids Entertainment has been able to bring smile to the faces of hundreds of sick children over the past three years.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


There is not enough emphasis put on the difference of pain and suffering. In my experience of life as a pain patient and practice as a chronic pain physician I have noticed that hope plays an important role. If one has no hope or has given into the hopelessness, then even a simple condition can lead into significant suffering. However I have seen many patients with complex and difficult pain conditions who where not suffering as much because of being hopeful. To an observer it may seem curious that why would people who are living in the same society with similar conditions and access to the same services would have different levels of hope. The key answer is in the power of positive thinking which can be strengthened by practice. Positive thinking improves hopefulness and leads into less suffering. We are all hopeful to suffer less in this life. We just need to practice more positive thinking.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Human's mind is trained by society to think of I as a different entity than you and the rest of our universe. We are thought to think and feel separate from others and this has led into feelings of loneliness and depression.
By the current understanding of physics all the matter and energy in universe have come from one source billions of years ago and they only change shapes over time. Dying stars create solid matters that gather by gravity and make planets. Our plan earth is one of them. So the matter in our right hand might have come from a different star than the matter in our left hand, but we are all parts of the same continuity of matter and energy by different shapes and forms. The same way that an ocean wave is not separate from the ocean itself, we are not separate from the rest of our universe. There is no disconnect and we should not feel isolated at any point. The wave is the ocean and you are the universe.